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If you would like to advertise at the beginning of any of our directories (in the shaded areas immediately above or below the title) and/or at the end of our blogs, our rates for listing a link to your Home Page are the following:


Main Directory (Broad Coverage):

or Table of Contents: or  


Your link listed ahead of the directory for one year:  $1000.00


For two years:  $1600.00


For three years:  $2000   


Each of the Other Directories:  all listed on  


Your link listed ahead of one directory for one year:  $500.00


For two years:  $800.00


For three years:  $1000.00


To advertise on the EarthDirectory Blog:

and on the Environmental Job Blog: 

and on the World Bicycling Blog:  


Your link listed in the bottom section of the blogs for one year:  $500.00


For two years:  $800.00


For three years:  $1000.00

To Simultaneously Advertise on All of the Directories and Blogs:  all listed on
For one year:  $15,000 (less than $42.00/day)


For two years:  $27,000 (less than $37.00/day)


For three years:  $35,000 (less than $32.00/day)


* On directory ads you can include a brief description of your organization or a mission statement for your organization of 30 words or less.  All sponsored links will be positioned on a first come/first serve basis when there are multiple sponsors for a directory.   


Payment can made by PayPal, bank transfer, check or money order in U.S. dollars only (NOTE: there is an additional $20.00 charge for invoiced payments).  To pay by credit card via PayPal or to pay by bank transfer, to discuss further details, and to send your advertising data by email, contact John at




Send your check or money order payment along with your organization’s title, your homepage (Web site) address, 50 word description of your organization, the titles of our Web sites that you would like to be listed on, and your email address to:


U. S. Environmental Directories

P. O. Box 582811

Minneapolis, MN 55458-2811 USA



The following sites are available for you to advertise on:


General Coverage (Main Directory): or type in


Africa: or type in


Antarctica: or type in


The Arctic: or type in


Australia: or or type in


Canada: or type in


The Caribbean: or type in


China (People’s Republic & Taiwan): or type in 


Egypt: or type in


Ethiopia: or type in


Europe: or type in


India: or type in


Ireland: or type in


Japan: or type in


Kenya: or type in


Middle East: or type in


New Zealand: or or type in


Pakistan: or type in


Russia: or type in


South Africa: or type in


South America, Central America & Mexico: or


Tanzania: or type in


United Kingdom: or type in


United States: or type in


Agriculture (Sustainable Agriculture): or type in


Animal Protection: or type in


Architecture (Sustainable & Landscape): or type in


Bicycling: or type in


Birds: or type in


Blogs (Eco-blogs): or type in


Climate Change: or or


Coral Reefs: or


Directories: or type in


Ecotourism: or type in 


Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): or type in


Energy (Alternative & Renewable Energy): or type in


Food Safety: or type in


Forests & Rainforests: or type in


Fusion Energy: or type in


Health (Environmental Health): or type in


Indigenous Peoples or type in


Lakes: or type in


Land Conservation and Wilderness Preservation: or type in


Mountains: or type in


Nanotoxicity and Nanotechnoloy Risks: or type in


Native American Tribes (USA): or or


Near Earth Objects: or type in


News & Media: or type in


Nuclear Safety, Anti-Nuclear Power and Nuclear Terrorism: or type in


Oceans: or type in


Peak Oil: or type in


Plants: or type in


Population, Demography & Immigration: or type in


Professional Associations: or type in 


Radon: or type in


Recycling & Resource Recovery: or type in


Rivers: or type in


Satellite Earth Views & Maps: or or type in


Sustainable Development / Green Business: or


United Nations: or or type in


Water (Freshwater): or type in


Whales, Dolphins, Other Sea Mammals & Sea Turtles: or type in


Wildlife Protection: or type in


EarthDirectory Blog: or type in


Environmental Job Blog: or type in


World Bicycling Blog: or type in



Some Topics of Possible Future Directories:




Environmental Religious Organizations

Environmental Foundations

Urban Environment




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