Some of the Many Reasons to be Against Fracking on the Beartooth Front:




 Fracking is Ugly!



It’s Noisy.



It Smells Bad.



It Can Pollute the Air, Land & Water.



It Uses Huge Amounts of Water (Most of which Cannot Be Returned to the Ecosystem).



It Can Leak Methane, a Very Potent Greenhouse Gas.



It Brings Increased Crime along with Chaotic Growth and a Large Increase in the Local Population.



It Greatly Increases Traffic on our Local Roads.



It Wrecks Local Highways and Roads due to Overuse with Large Numbers of Massive Vehicles.



It Causes the Ripping up of our Relatively Pristine Countryside with Lots and Lots of Ugly Roads going to the Drilling Sites.



Each Drilling Site Takes up a Lot of Land that can be used for Better, More Useful & Attractive Purposes.



Drilling Sites Flare Gas which:  1. Adds to Greenhouse Emissions   2. Is Ugly   3. At Night Can Cause Light Pollution Interfering with our Beautiful Starry Nights.



Fracking Will Hurt the Recreation and Tourism Industry of the Beartooth Front.  The Beartooth Front is a State, National and International Tourism & Recreation Area and Large-scale Fracking is Not Considered to be a Tourist Magnet!  When Did You Last Take a Vacation in a Fracking Area?



The Fracking Process can Cause Earthquakes and the Beartooth Front is Already an Earthquake Zone!




If you’re still not convinced, check out this video about fracking in the Bakken in North Dakota:  This is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom




Tell the Frackers – No Thanks! Your Fracking is not Needed or Wanted on the Beartooth Front!



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