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Your financial support in any amount is welcome.  Your payment will help keep EarthDirectory.Net and its network of environmental directories and blogs on the Internet! 


PLEASE NOTE: Contributions to U. S. Environmental Directories are not tax-deductible.  U. S. Environmental Directories is a tiny green business with no full-time employees, not a non-profit organization.  Your contribution constitutes a voluntary payment for your use, enjoyment and support of the online directories and blogs of the EarthDirectory.Net Network, and no other additional services, products or benefits are implied by the acceptance of your payment by U. S. Environmental Directories.  Your contribution helps make it possible for financially less fortunate people around the world to enjoy the use of the EarthDirectory.Net Network without charge.  We will not use your payment information to contact you for additional contributions and will not sell or trade your payment information to anyone.  Our deposit of your payment is our “Thank You” for your contribution, rather than spending part of your contribution on a thank-you note, although we will send you an email acknowledgement of your contribution upon your request.  Thank you for helping to support the EarthDirectory.Net Network! 


To contribute by credit card via PayPal:

1. Go to EarthDirectory’s PayPal link at

2. Then follow the instructions from PayPal.


To contribute by check or money order:

1. Make your payment out to “U. S. Environmental Directories” in U.S. dollars.

2. Write down that it’s a contribution.

3. Send your payment to the following address:

    U. S. Environmental Directories

    P. O. Box 582811

    Minneapolis, MN 55458 USA


To contribute by invoice: [institutions, large organizations, corporations and government agencies only]

Please send the relevant information to our email address: or to the above P.O. box address.

(Recommended payment for institutions, organizations and agencies: $100/year)




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