Tell your Congresspersons:


No More than 500,000 new immigrants per year in any new Immigration Bill!

But Yes to a Pathway-to-Citizenship for the people already in the USA!






Keep the Population of the USA under ˝ Billion People!




   Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration -

There is a Democrat Alternative to Mass Immigration!









We can be kind, courteous, and friendly to short-term and long-term

visitors to our country while still enforcing our immigration laws!









Demand that the media stop treating all people that don’t favor “open borders”

as right wing zealots!  Since when did “open borders” become the default

politically correct position of the left half of the political spectrum?     










The Official U.S. population will rapidly surpass 1/3 billion people within the next few years!

U.S. and World Population Clock


U.S. Population (Live), Worldometers











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