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EarthDirectory’s master database (“The Directory of Environmental Web Sites, Fourteenth Edition”) is available as a concise and easy-to-use environmental super directory in book and downloaded htm file formats. 


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THE DIRECTORY OF ENVIRONMENTAL WEB SITES, FOURTEENTH EDITION– the definitive directory of the Environmental Movement on the Internet – a clear, understandable and comprehensive guide to regional, national and international environmental organizations, directories and networks on the Internet. 


The Directory lists over 3000 of the primary environmental Web sites on the Internet organized in over 200 subject categories for quick and easy reference.  Also included is a smaller alphabetical, descriptive listing of approximately 150 of the major environmental Web sites, a separate alphabetical listing of hundreds of environmental government agencies in over 100 countries & in U.S. state, territorial & tribal governments, a listing of United Nations agencies concerned with the environment, and a small section of Web sites of general interest not particularly related to the environment.  8 1/2 x 11 inches with plastic circular (comb) binding.  135 pages.  ISSN 1096-3316.  FEID Number: 41-1508617. 


 Includes a large section of Web sites covering environmental employment, careers & internships






 3 – 9 directories…………………$79.00 per directory

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100 or more directories………$40.00 per directory

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Now also available in htm file download format

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Compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 & higher and equivalent browsers

Price: $94.00. 



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